With all the horrible things that are going on in the world, my job is getting more and more difficult.

Today I have two “drive by, no contact” inspections. So basically I get to go to a strange neighborhood and take photos of a stranger’s house.. yay me.


Today I pull up to a house and take a picture and a gaggle of ladies come out.. “what are you doing? Did you just take a picture?”

There goes that whole no contact aspect.
I spit out a bunch of crap about making sure no vandalism and the security of the place because I’m not suppose to tell them about the delinquency. After my rambling we chatted about the state of the country and I bounced!

I’m sure this one will get rejected by QA because I did not hang around to take a picture of numerical address.

I will counter QA’s rejection with my rejecting the case.


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