Elf on the Shelf

This Damn elf is going back on the shelf. I thought that my children may be a little old for good ol’ elf but low and behold, they have been asking about him. I feel awful about continuing this ruse but hey, I also don’t want to ruin their continued belief in good ol’ St.Nick.

Not that I am looking forward to the day they stop believing in the big guy,wp-1448992075592.jpeg but I have no clue when this time will occur. I think I even still believe in him. In fact I swear I saw him on Houghton street Worcester this afternoon while working. I mean this guy has the beard and all! He had on red pants and was bringing to boxes into a house. He didn’t have the whole garb on so he was just trying to surprise a child. I only wish I took a picture of him (that would be a violation).

I don’t think their school friends will break the news to them because they have already tried to tell my boys that WWE is fake. My boys fought that one to the death.

Either way, welcome back elf. I can’t wait until they refresh me on what your name is… And I really hope that I don’t forget to change your positions like I did last year. Twin A touched him last year and so the boys are really questioning if he will actually return this year…..Oh and can I get a Christmas gift this year? I take cash, check and charge!


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