Unexpected Income

Thanks Uber and John. What a crazy surprise. I checked my email, as I do 9,000 times a day, and saw one titled “Your earnings for the week of Nov 30, 2015” and it was from Uber. Usually I simply disregard because I really haven’t had the time to join in the fun but this one said “total payout $100” in the preview of the message. Of course I had to see the entire email.

Sure enough, they are paying me $100 for referral. Sweet! I remember directing a couple of people to Uber to make a few extra dollars and they also got a bonus for joining and driving. Eh hey Unexpected Income. Well if you would like a nifty bonus for transporting folks Click any of those Uber links.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Income

    • It’s not bad at all. I drove to the casino one day with the app on and it was exploding with 2 times the rate on fares… Unfortunately I was in the mood to spend money and not make money. Hopefully they get you up and running soon up there.


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