Weekend Gratitude

I am so n love with my life right now and I just wanted to rant a little about it.

I don’t have a ton of material things but I have everything that I need and if I ever come across something I do not have, the universe and I work some magic and BAMM there it is.

I don’t have a “significant other” but EVERYONE that is in my life is significant, so I have many. Plus I’m currently chatting up this fella lmao.

I am not rich, says my bank account, but I am wealthy beyond my wildest imagination because my net worth is gathered in a different way.

I wake up in the morning and am just in awe. I am in awe that I have had the opportunity to raise three wonderfully awesome, brilliant young men. I am in awe that I have been able to develop the coping skills needed to navigate this world(let me be the first to say that this fact is a sheer miracle). I am in awe that I have been able to forgive the greatest of transgressions and love fully through all adversities.

Most importantly, I have received 2 of 3 Christmas lists and it’s totally doable


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