Please don’t push that hard

I was reading Mr. Johnson’s Blog just a minute ago and felt myself feeling faint and slightly panicky. He was talking about his on-street encounter with Amnesty International and this story reminds me about my encounter(s) with some Jehovah Witnesses.

The story goes a little like this:

I get a knock on my back door one summer day and so I answered it. It was a very nice lady who wanted to ask me some questions about my beliefs and so instead of being rude, I mean she walked all the way up, I complied. She handed me some leaflets and told me if I had any questions or general response about the literature that I had just received I could give her a call. I told her I would call if I had a question. This was, to me, a very appropriate ending and response. I thanked her for her time and locked my door.

The very next week  got a knock on my back door, I answered the door and there was that very nice lady…. again. We exchanged pleasantries and she asked if I had questions about the material that she left me with. I told her I did not, thanked her for her time and locked my door.

One week later there is a knock on the back door. This time I checked the peephole. It was her. It was very difficult for me, but I really did not want to have the same conversation. I didn’t understand how the proverbial ball kept being stolen from my court. I was under the impression that I was to call her if I had questions. I fault the guilt of leaving someone standing on my porch and ignored her knock.

She has subsequently been back several more times leaving information of my savior in my door jams.

I do not challenge or judge anyone’s personal spiritual beliefs. I will not force you to believe what I believe. If you want to talk about my spirituality in hopes of gaining a new perspective, I’m all for telling you how I feel. But please don’t shove your beliefs down my throat.


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