Date night… And Turkey day!!

My aren’t we lucky, we get to spend the day of thanks together. I would like to be upfront with you by letting you know that I did not have wine tonight. I know you’re shocked. The reason is simple, I forgot to get some last night and today all the vineyards were closed. Instead I had Grand Marnier.


It was spicy. And had a ton of laughs with the family (minus my boys, they were with their dad this TG)


Also, during this lovely evening of laughter and fun I noticed that I may have caught some feelings along the way. Remember when I told you about someone having so many things in common with you it felt kind of sketchy? Check it out, I really did.




Sure got rid of the chest congestion I have been feeling as of late.

And I think I’ll go with this so that it never happens again.


Besides, I believe in monogamy and You are the only one I’m dating for a while. I’ll break the news in the morning.


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