Thanksgiving.. Madness

My Facebook is a buzz with #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies memes from the O Hell Nawl blog. I have to admit that a lot of these memes ring true. I have been laughing all morning long and now I must pass this contagious laughter on to you.


#growingupblack you have heard the phrase more than once “stay out of grown folks business” there was often adult conversation going on around the house holidays the conversation was increased. As a child , you’re always curious as to what they’re talking about and sometimes you want to put your two cents in too. There is nothing better than the day you reach the age that you are asked your opinion on a conversation that was previously off topic to you! You feel on top of the world. Just don’t choke!!!


Most of that #grownfolksbusiness was largely a result of a family member having a few drinks and things started getting deep. A drunk member of the family always kept things lively and usually got the dance off started. I can remember the day when I saw all the aunts doing the butterfly! Found a quick tutorial in case you don’t know this dance move.

Thanksgiving in African American homes is usually entire family and extended families getting together to eat lots of food, have some drinks, dance, share some laughs and it’s usually early afternoon at the start. You usually eat a light breakfast and skip lunch to prepare for the festivities so nothing is worse than being behind someone that is making multiple plates!


Head on over to O Hell Nawl Blog on Facebook and laugh your ass off.

Oh and


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