Dirt Search…. Waste of time

Wanting to do my due diligence and look a few people up, you know, getting into the holiday spirit. I figured that public records would be easy to find but, low and behold, they are NOT! All of these “people searches”, “background check here” come with fees. You could pay anywhere from $5.99-19.99 for just a trial or monthly fees for these sites.

I found one that claimed to have full reports on the person(s) I was inquiring about but their fee was $19.99. I hit the back button quick and got “exclusive offer, 5 day free trial” I figured what the heck. 5 days of complete nosiness for free and hey if I find things, then I may just stick around.

I entered my credit card info and was off and running. First name search resulted in 4 results with multiple addresses. That was it! A variety of addresses. Not bad, clean record. I searched Archer to compare the finding. I know for a fact that his record is as long as my arm, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 27 people with the same name, none of the addresses looked familiar and no arrest records whatsoever where there. This can’t be right, let me refine the search…. NOTHING!!! not a single thing. Really, it just asks for name and state. No DOB, no approx age… NOTHING

This one is one bogus site and everyone you search is squeaky clean on the criminal history front. That site is DirtSearch, in case you ever felt the need to look someone up, this is NOT the place to do it! The fact that they are a .org and not a .com really throws me off. organizational money thief.

I immediately sent them a request for cancellation

I would like to cancel my account. I thought this would help in checking if someone had a criminal record. I did multiple searches and found nothing so I did a search on a person I know has a criminal record in multiple states and found no record. I think your site is misleading because of the fact that the second person I searched just got out of jail this month and their previous record ( a 10yr prison sentence) was not expunged. I will be publicizing the fact that your site is bogus. Please cancel my account and do not charge my credit card.

After I sent the letter to them asking them to cancel my account, I decided to check one more thing… A reverse number search. I have had the same phone number since 2010 when I moved back to MA. I put my number in the reverse number directory and guess what? It ain’t me!!! My name is not Yvonne and I don’t live in Billerica.

I guess to sum it all up.. Don’t use DirtSearch.. It sucks

But I did find out that someone with my exact name lives two streets over and is just 3 years older.


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