Self-Directed Anger Won’t Help You Beat Procrastination

Ink and Gear

Self-directed anger won’t help you beat procrastination.

Believe me, I’ve been there.  After all, it’s only natural to start harboring negative feelings towards the thing standing between you and your goals. And when that thing is you and your procrastination, well…it’s a well that’s easy to fall into, but difficult to get out of.

At the end of the day, though, being mad at yourself for failing is only going to a) make you miserable, b) destroy your focus, c) lead to future procrastination as a way to numb the self-inflicted pain, and d) make you angry at yourself all over again.  It is this damaging cycle that makes your procrastination even more obdurate than it already is.  It is a cycle that you must break if you want to increase your output and pursue your goals.

There are two things I changed about my mindset that allowed me to…

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