Sunday Ramblings

Another Sunday is upon us. What do you do on Sunday’s? It is either the conclusion of a week or the start of a week depending on your perception. For me it’s the beginning. It’s the day I start all of my weekly to-do’s.

I was at a loss for words last week for a period, and I actually didn’t write very much towards the end.

I have been thinking about remorse lately. What is the response of a remorseful person? What does it say about a person that has no or shows no remorse for having a negative impact on ones life?


I have been doing all of this thinking because, after all of the past transgressions of Archer, there was nary an apology. Not one single “I’m sorry for all the crap I put you through”.

I’ve been finding it difficult forgive which is not my way. I think it’s because, along with the lack of apologetic nature of said individual, I also find it difficult to understand the actions.

What I find most angering about this emotional turmoil is that the mere fact that this “opportunistic individual” still triggers a emotional response from me.

So I guess there is the starting point.

  1. Don’t try to figure it out
  2. Disallow this lack of control to control you
  3. Release any and all negative thoughts
  4. Forgive and move forward.


PEACE- Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation
Stay true to You


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