My Failed Attempt At Working Tonight

I have 7 cases left in my manifest that I would like to get done before a very non-active Sunday. I routed them all this morning and had a plan of action. As we all know, things don’t often go as planned. You will typically have road blocks, detours, and speed bumps that hinder the process. The point is to push through them.

Road Closed - Please Stay Home.

My work literally has all of these things.

Tonight however, I decided not to push through the work. I went with the F-It i’ll do it tomorrow.

It started when I chose to stop to grab a drink and could not find my wallet. I really shouldn’t be driving around while it’s dark without my license. I know the number by heart but when you are creeping through neighborhoods and taking pictures of peoples homes, I don’t think the police are going to be okay with me spitting out a random license number.

It was starting to get dark and I really didn’t want to go back home because I had a plan to follow! Then I went to 35 instead of 38 (should’ve had my glasses on) the lady was nice enough and I was apologetic for knocking on her door. I reached the right house, the second on my 7 chase quest. I knocked on the front door… No answer… I hear a child hanging out, rang the bell…. no answer… Knocked on the other door and a lady answered. I asked for the customer (who I saw posted up in a super defensive posture between the kitchen and living room). I gave my scripted spiel. She placed me on a brief hold and returned to the door with the hugest German Shepherd I had ever seen in my life! and that’s when the fear sweat started. You may not know this, but I am petrified of dogs. She asked me to go to the other door.

I thought she was setting me up, I would turn my back and hear “release the hounds!”. I get to the door and captain hostile came out, the dog almost came with.. That would have been awkward…

He told me that he was all set and I needed not to be there. I apologized for the disturbance and headed to my car. I sat in the car, documenting the case as direct contact made/declined and he opens hie freaking door and sends his damn dog out unleashed!!! really!! who does that??

I took my picture with my phone and took off.

I finally thought this was a bad idea, working tonight that is, because not only do I not have any valid photo identification, my camera has a red lead light. That means when I push the button to auto focus on a target, a red laser light shines on the target. So I’ll be shining a red laser at homes (kind of looks like one of a gun!) and I have no freaking ID.


Just gonna have a beer…

Stay true to you


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