Is it just me or did the lady on CNN Wolf (sorry, I wasn’t peaked until she started speaking and I didn’t catch her name) just give possible terrorists in the US a slew of ideas on how to become a hero in the cause that ISIS is spearheading? She said “…they may just pick up a knife, they may get a car and run people over, anything they can do to support the cause…” Or something along those lines. I’m not trying to say that they are so dumb that these ideas would not have crossed their minds, but what if they hadn’t?

They are speaking on possible copycat terrorists.

Umm… Maybe it’s just me, but I think that some of the things I see on the news not only spark fear in the hearts of the public (instead of keeping us up to date) and also gives a multitude of options for deviants.

Oh and finally both Al Qaeda and ISIS are claiming the Paris attacks. Could we not just find a way to let ISIS and Al Qaeda fight each other over the “who done it” rights?

PEACE people Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation

Stay true to you


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