What are you drinking this date night?

I have really been diving right back into the craft beer thing. Tonight Blue moon seasonal brew is on the menu along with football and some internet browsing.


Basketball practice tonight with the youngest boy. He is getting so much better. He jumps pretty high and he is doing well with layups now!


Yep that white glare that is making that shot is my baby!!! My tiny love!

Now to the fun stuff.

First off OpinionatedMan DID NOT buy me a bottle of wine, but that’s okay because my birthday isn’t until January. I will definitely be looking forward to at least a photo of a wine bottle with the title being “Happy Birthday Crazy”.

kelzbelzphotography has the most captivating photo I’ve seen all day. This makes me crave those Spring and Summer months so much. I just wanted to sit in a field while the sun caresses my face when I saw this picture.

Joe gave me renewed hope this week. He has been making big moves and I only wish more would do the same.

I hope you are having a nice cold glass of something this evening, if not… Stop over and I’ll hook you up!

Stay true to you


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