WTF… Really?

So totally awkward moment upon answering my phone this afternoon. I looked at the local number and, although I didn’t know the number, I answered the call. It was a lady calling from a place I still don’t know asking about Archer. HUH???

Apparently I was placed on an application at some point as a reference as a supervisor of his for a company that I previously worked for. I totally stumbled over all of my words because she lead with the name. She asked me if I worked for the company and if I supervised him or if he was under the supervision of someone else.

Had I known to expect a professional call like that I would have prepared for it. Yes… I would have made it seem as though he was the best employee ever but I had no clue. I know you’re probably wondering why I would fabricate a reference and the answer is simple. I want him to be okay, I know he doesn’t have many folks in this neck of the woods and everyone needs to eat.

I don’t hate the man at all. Our relationship was a lot of tiptoeing for me but we did have some memorable moments and I do care for him deeply, as a person. As a human.

Either way…

Stay true to you


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