I don’t know what has gotten into my child today.

Tomorrow is picture day for the kids at school so today I had to take out my kid’s braids so that they can be re-done tonight. During the time of take out, wash, and re-braid, we have nothing but conversation.

This is what it looks like when I take out the braids…


Washed and conditioned…





He says to me: “Mom, when we move, can we move to Florida?”

What the heck is going on with this Florida madness? What is the appeal of Florida? The storms? The weird legal cases I find?

He is in love with the idea of being able to walk out of the house and on to a beach apparently.  I told him that other places have beaches but he countered that with, “they don’t have warm weather all year” I don’t get it but my goal is quality of life for all so maybe I will have to consider that as an option. I just don’t know.

On a lighter note… I am dying my hair copper!!


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