Tuesday I guess I’ll have a beer

There are so many things I could be doing this evening, obviously I don’t want to do any of them.

  1. I could be hanging my pants. I finally made through almost every pair of pants that I own and had to actually do laundry. I washed and I dried but I have not hung. I could take a few minuted tonight to get that done.
  2. I could figure out the most effective route for tomorrow. I have 11 pending cases, one of which is a JPMC. I already planned them based on the dates they are due and the times contacts must be made. But then I got 4 additional cases. I could add those in tonight and not have to do it tomorrow morning.
  3. I could re-twist my Bantu knots. Effectively managing my “natural” look for the winter.

triangular-bantu-knots-259x300 Go to sleep like this.

bantuknotsilly Wake up and do this.

Neither of these lovely ladies are me. Thank you Google!

4. I could and probably should get my exercise on. Apparently I’m still slim enough for people to say “you’re so tall and thin” but that’s just because I am really good at sucking it in.

5. I think I will settle on trolling the internet and reading all the interesting things everyone else in the world is doing. Boy this Tuesday feels more  like a Wednesday and we all know how I feel about Wednesday.



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