Worcester, Worcester, Worcester

Well I already shared the Telegrams account of the guns that were stolen from the Armory in Worcester. I just saw, on the News, that they have a questionable vehicle and description of a male, light skinned, white shirt, dark vest. He went in through the roof…. AT NIGHT over barbed wire fencing and they didn’t figure it out until 9am-ish.

The Worcester Police Department has stepped up security in key areas  in the city but this is a big city and what makes a “key area”?

BOLO: 16 weapons missing from UNITED STATES MILITARY FACILITY 10 hand guns and 6 rifles (questionable intel on my part).

Don’t worry people, the weapons have been entered into a national database so if you are injured or killed…. Wait, yeah… F-the database, who ever took these guns are not going to try to sell them in a legal way.



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