FBI probes break-in at Worcester armory; weapons missing

By Kim Ring
Telegram & Gazette Staff

Posted Nov. 15, 2015 at 10:01 PM
Updated at 6:01 AM

WORCESTER – Investigators using flashlights combed a hillside near the Lincoln W. Stoddard U.S. Army Reserve Center on North Lake Avenue Sunday evening, after a report of an overnight break-in during which weapons were stolen.
Hank Shaw, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office, said during an afternoon news conference with Gov. Charlie Baker that the agency was looking into the break-in. Later in the day, the FBI confirmed that weapons were taken from the armory, though they did not specify what type of weapons or how many were missing.
“The FBI is aware that some weapons are missing as a result of the break-in at the Army Reserve Center in Worcester,” FBI spokeswoman Kristen M. Setera said in a written statement. “We have entered those weapons into NCIC, a national database and alerted our federal, state and local law enforcement partners.”
Ms. Setera said the FBI is working with other agencies. Sunday, as darkness fell, two vehicles were parked at the Shaw Building on the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s University Campus and investigators examined the hillside between that building and the armory, taking photographs. The crew declined to identify themselves to a reporter and went to the armory when they left.
“We are collaborating with Massachusetts State Police, Worcester police and others to locate and recover these weapons immediately. There is no indication that these missing weapons are connected to any kind of terrorism threat whatsoever,” Ms. Setera said in her statement. “Nevertheless, every effort will be made to recover these weapons immediately.”

They are stressing that we should not fear this shocking news but really.. Someone was able to break into the armory and steal weapons and now these weapons are on the streets of Worcester and we shouldn’t be worried.

News flash: the “thugs”/”gangsters” of Worcester already have guns, I hear shots often. With that being said, who the hell stole the guns? I doubt it was some 15 year old group of new gangsters because, once again, they already have guns!

Bracing for madness. Guard soft targets.

Stay true to you


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