Unsportsmanlike Conduct

I have been trying to get my boys into sports and have been striking out somewhat. My youngest got into it a little because Archer mostly. He talked about something to do with playing baseball back in the day and the kid looked up to him a little. (his hair is now to the middle of his back). He just isn’t all that athletic. I thought that because I was naturally into sports, they would be too, eventually.. But not as of yet.

The youngest played baseball this summer and I saw him doing a lot of standing around the outfield.. He talked about doing football but never wanted to play for fun. He is doing basketball now and seems pretty excited about it, which I love! I may not be my ideal picture of the one that teaches the sports and how to fix a frame but hey, I am  not going to let those things go untaught. And I’m not introducing another guy into my life and definitely not their lives, so I will have to do.

The oldest does Karate. He loves it so much and is a yellow belt now.. He hates everything else physical.

They are just bookworms and techies. They’re researchers and that’s okay too.

My attempt to get them into the game today:

” Hey kids monitor this game for me while I run downstairs… ”

“why mom, why?”

“I just need to know when flags are thrown on plays and why. I need to know who, if anyone get hurt, and I need to know if someone makes a touchdown. Oh yeah and I also need to know who runs the most yards”

I turned it into research and stats and they were okay with that. Sadly, it didn’t spark the BallBug. They handed over the information as soon as I walked in the door and fled the scene.


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