Life Lessons. Every person you meet comes with a lesson that you are destined to learn. Stay True To You

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A three letter word and another lesson learned.

It happens often. You fall for the person you wouldn’t expect. The warning signs fade as your feelings disregard your mindset. Every quirky moment, secret shared, and passionate kiss pull you in a little deeper. If you’re lucky he’ll tell you he feels the same way, and if you’re luckier he’ll actually mean it. If you’re further blessed he’ll want to be with you. And if you’re me, that has yet to happen. I’ve hit another dead-end on the romance road, but this time my viewpoint is different. I could resent him for leading me on and regret ever getting involved; or I can admire the worthwhile past year he gave me, and thank him for what I’m walking away with.

• I thank him for building me up.

I’ve come a long way from that awkward, unsure girl. Through getting…

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