Evil Machete Wielding Cat



It’s Friday the 13th and you know what that means!

We go on with our ordinary lives blaming the day for any clumsy moments we have.


Now I already have a black cat who crosses my path daily so I feel like I’ve accumulated my fair share of bad luck. I even told a blogging friend that it’s a reason I’m single. She was all ‘No it’s because you suck’ and I was like ‘Woah…WOah…WOAH!’

I’m kidding, she was actually much more harsh with her words. *cries*

Since I have a black cat I try not to do anything else that would help my bad luck out, like staying away from ladders, or mirrors with cracks, or that douche bag John because nothing good happens with him around.

Friday the 13th always gives me flash backs to when I was a horror movie fanatic, I watched all of the Friday the…

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