Yay… Date night.. Happy Thursday, grab a beer

Currently, I am diligently working through the case of Shipyard pumpkinhead that I got last week. I am down to 4 left.

What a day today was! It started off so slow, nothing to do… and then I remember my appointment with my therapist buddy. Turns out she was having the same kind of forgetful day because she text me that she was late and wondered if I could stop in later. We have been trying to find something to “work through” but really there is nothing. If you remember, I went there because I needed to see what it was like to be a client for my future role as a therapist. I stayed longer because of a series of unfortunate events with Archer and now we talk about our children, and the best way to approach the puberty conversation.

I think I will continue to dig for something to talk about until I have had the biopsy done. She seemed a little concerned because she suggested I have them give me a Xanax and I said no way.  She also said they typically don’t do biopsy’s unless it’s serious. It is what it is, I won’t worry until I have to.

Basketball practice for the young one was tonight. He’s definitely getting better at handling the ball, but he’s still a ways away. I can’t wait to be able to teach him myself (my mommy/daddy role). I played throughout junior high and high school and still get excited when I see the court.

I’m finally in for the night and settling down with you and a beer (or 3)

What’s the dish for the night with you?


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