Veterans Day today

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! —Maya Angelou

Today is Veterans day. You may have known because you looked at a calendar or maybe you tried to hit up your bank and found it closed, your children may be home from school or you may have the day off. Either way, you figured it out.  Thank a vet for their service today (well do that every chance you get) they fight/fought hard and sometimes didn’t even agree with what they were fighting for.


My ex-husband is a vet, not just a vet but a disabled vet. His(our) children like to tell all their classmates and teachers about their dad’s vet status.

My ex’s disability is hearing loss, he was a mortar-man for a long time and sometimes I give him crap about not hearing what I said, totally forgetting that it’s sometimes difficult for him to hear. I don’t always understand the choices he makes and have to remember that he has been through things I can’t even imagine. I like to cut him slack on that for that reason.

I don’t think vets get a fair shake after their time of service. The VA clinics are usually booked and backlogged, housing resources seem to suck, and I sometimes feel like people on welfare have more resources.

I’m not going to talk a great deal about the higher than civilian suicide rate of Veterans today because I’m sure you can find that somewhere else. Today I am just going to say thank you to the vets for their service.

Brad, David, James, Jerry, Eli, Patrick, Douglas, Mark, and those that we lost… (generally I refer by surname.. but not on public forum)

Semper Fidelis

Oorah Marines….

Happy Belated birthday (Nov.10)

Stay True to You


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