Smile… Someone Somewhere IS watching or reading and blocking

I have a huge smile on my face right at this moment. I love smiling more than anything!!! I don’t even care that my fantasy football lineup is failing miserably I still smile.

I still smile

I have been through the worst and conversely the best. I smile. I smile because I know that after all is said and all is done, I will be okay. I know that I am “feeling some type of way” right now, but I have yet to assign words to what those feelings really are. But I’m still smiling. You see the trick is… and trust me when I say it’s a simple trick.. I find reasons to smile!

Had a shitty day at work but went home to a warm place with hot food? Smile!

Had a knockdown, drag-out fight with the love of your life? Smile because if they truly are that which you hold them to, you will get through it.

The harsh reality is that life is full of ups and downs and being able to smile through both helps a great deal.

I smile, I’m still smiling.

Oh and by the way… Thanks for the read 😉

Oh and Bane will henceforth be known as Archer

Stay true to You!


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