Probably the most accurate statement

Sometimes you just can’t get around the bad words. They tend to be more expressive and get directly to the point without having to explain further.

I am days away from being able to hash these super confusing feelings out so I will dump them on you knowing you fully  support my emotional state and have my best interest at heart.

The point of this Sunday word vomit is…(1) everything is central aligned because, as I type, I am trying to find MY center because (2) I got hit suddenly with the reality that he is, more than likely, right down the street and (3) I feel like every feeling I have ever had has just bubbled up to the surface.

I feel like I am trying to quit a habit, which, essentially, is what I am doing. These past few months things flowed, however, they (my feelings) have also resided in a cryogenic state….

Welcome to the big thaw!!!

This is a ton of anger wrapped in feelings of rage that are trying to suffocate the person inside causing chaos.

Stay true to you



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