Feelings and things

I am bubbling with emotion. I can sum it all up to ELATION. Contact has been made and boy was it completely opposite to what I had expected. You see, he is not the most logical or rational person that I’ve met and I expected him to place blame on me for the current and previous situations. It has been my experience that he says “this person is at fault” for all things negative that go his way. He never holds himself accountable for his actions. I am not even certain he remembers his actions (I’ve seen that to be the case as well).

I heard my phone ring while I was in the middle of a dish washing fiasco, I caught it as it was ending and the number was not saved in my phone so I had no clue who was calling. I heard a knock at the door and asked who it was but did not get a response. I turned my attention to my phone and returned the call while checking for someone parked on the street. A young man answered, I could hear the echo of my hall in the background. He said he needed bane’s tattoo equipment (can’t say he isn’t a talented artist), I told him where to find it. He also said he needed his personal speaker which was locked in my front porch (reason: It wasn’t banes and I wanted to have it available in case he returned for it). I opened the door and he got his speaker and left.

I am shocked that he has been out for a couple days now and is actually following the no contact order (this is not to say he wasn’t in the van with the NY plates but he didn’t make it known…but… I certainly didn’t give the kid my number)

I am hoping that this continues to be the case and that he actually follows the requirements set forth regarding probation as well. Besides, it’s about to snow and I am sure he’d like to head to warmer weather.

As for me, I’m starting to move through this fog and have been narrowing down (against all odds) a definite field of interest. PSYCHOLOGY!!!!!  I think NH is in the cards for me

Stay true to you.


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