Psst My Ex Husband And I Are NOT In A Relationship

I had to get this off my chest! We separated in 2009 and our divorce was final in 2011. We do not engage in any activities of a nature other than being good co-parents and decent friends.

I just get kind of annoyed when anytime someone sees us in the same space, they ask if we are getting back together. I get the hopeful thoughts from others but it’s never going to happen. We are so much more mentally healthy (at least I am) as co-parents and friends. We are able to navigate through the raising of the children well and for some reason it is odd to people. I know it’s probably because most people, when they divorce, are at each other’s throats and there are many battles between them…. We just don’t. If we find ourselves pissed at each other, we limit any communication to text only and only if it’s pertinent information.

I am ranting about this because my ex and his girlfriend broke up and she is now accusing him of “sleeping with his ex wife”…. NOOOOOOOOO….. Her reason for suspicion is because he carved a pumpkin for me… Oh boy.. Well just in case you were wondering also, I bought the pumpkin and 4 for him (three for my boys and one for him) I gave him a ride to the store to get his groceries and the pumpkins and he was carving with my children who wanted to do one for their mother… Go figure -_- some people need a confidence boost….

My personal opinion: I feel like parents who have divorced should try their hardest to make some sort of relationship possible so that the children have both parents in their lives and can still have both parents in the same room together at the very least. We have just been able to do that and my kids definitely benefit from it.


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