How football is currently ruining my life

It is almost 11 at night and I am sitting here on my couch watching this IND @ CAR game. I am pissed at players on both teams because I have a mix of them in my fanduel spread. I am most mad at Hilton for having a big freaking goose egg on the board.

This is ruining my life not because I spent a lot of money on the contest ($2) I entered but because I am officially hooked to the game!! I should be in my cozy bed right now meditating and falling to sleep but nooooo… There is still almost a full quarter left in the game. Olsen and a few others keep missing the ball or the QB is throwing horribly. I haven’t figured out which but I will before the end of the season.

PSA: Don’t get hooked to football, it will keep you up at night and have you yelling at your television.

Stay true to you


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