240 club brunch for 6

Celebratory brunch this morning with the kids. Two of them have made it to the 240 club at school this year.

The 240 club is basically students making decisions for students kinds of. Here’s how it works. As we know kids are tested every year with these subsidised testing which started back when I was in high school. Back then I didn’t need to pass the test to graduate but I think that has sense changed. Now the teachers teach to the test(which is a whole other post that I may dive into at some point) and the kids spend hours on these tests alone. Well if you score over 240 in both the Math and English parts of the test, you make it to the club.
The students in this club have meetings and discuss things like fundraisers(that’s the best I could gather from my 4th grader last year). They also have snacks 🙂

Either way, this is something my kids strive to achieve and something that I encourage them to strive for. Two of the kids are in the club this year, based on last year’s tests.

We celebrated with a brunch I prepared for them.

We were also celebrating those two earning kindness awards and being in the 365z club.. which, to the best of my knowledge, meets to discuss ways to combat bullying and writes essays on what it means to be kind to others.

I’m extremely proud to have them in these clubs.

Now I guess I need to find out more odd the particulars and how I can get in on the action. I think if I help support these clubs, they’ll be more apt to continue to reach for those goals.



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