Taking the good with the great and the minor gripes.

I refuse to let the little annoyances into my world today. I almost let the fact that people continually say, “i’ll call you back” and fail to do so get to me. I thought about it and this IS the norm for them, and thus should not affect my day in the least.

Let me tell you about my day… I happened to get almost everything squared away in the home front which is to say, I made a huge dent in readying myself for the eventual release of bane<— 😉

I got to have a little “me time” in the morning.

I managed to save $210 on North Face winter coats for three boys (My ex husband works at Dick’s and we used his discount)

My boys had a great time at their schools’ Halloween dance. They had sad faces  when I picked them up but that’s because twin A lost his grim reaper mask and twin B let someone use his light saber  and he eventually found it broken in the trash.

We just finished playing “the last word” an awesome board game  that is way too advanced for them but I didn’t let them know and they did excellent.

And now, I’m enjoying a glass of wine and talking to you, they are enjoying some YouTube videos about minecraft and all is well an right with the world.

Now to some interesting stuff… I like to meditate but find it hard to quiet my mind fully. I sometimes listen to some guided stuff I find around YouTube. At some point last week or maybe even early this week, I listened to some “connect with you twin flame” guided thing and let it flow right out of my mind. I can remember, at some point, visualizing a gentleman in camouflage… He looks strong in my mind and I felt safe and secure, I passed it off as a dream. He had red hair full facial and I thought I was just dreaming about the doctor from Grey’s Anatomy. I went to CVS before picking the kids up from the dance, just to grab a card for the birthday boy tomorrow, and low and behold a freaking guy in full camo and cold weather under garb (I could see the tight black shirt under the camo top) was walking straight into CVS!!! I went inside and he was walking out. I picked a card and checked out. I went to walk to my car and there he freaking stood! right at my bumper.. The twin flame I envisioned. I couldn’t even breath. I just got in my car and left…..

Let’s just say, I will be entertaining more guided meditations….


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