What is the purpose of this day?

I am starting to think that this day really doesn’t have much of a purpose. It was simply stuck in the middle of the week to make things odd<— 🙂

Monday: On this day people dread going to work after a great or even not so great weekend. It, for me, is a new beginning. The week starts anew, payroll starts anew. Things seem to be refreshing and optimistic.

Tuesday: Now you’ve gotten your week flowing. You’ve made plans on Monday and will undoubtedly finish them on Tuesday. Most appointments are scheduled this day and they are set for a Thursday, for me at least.

Thursday: fulfilling appointment requirements on this day is a must. I tend to work the most on this day, sometimes all day. Now your plans for the weekend are scheduled and thought about. I track spending and incomes on this day. I balance budgets and make plans for finances on Thursdays mostly.

Friday: This day is spent finishing everything that you didn’t get done on Thursday. It’s usually a short work day but a longer family planning or personal planning day. This is the official start of the weekend.

Saturday: This day is spent doing all of the leisure things that you planned on doing since Monday. This is party day for most, lazy day for some and for me it depends on whether I have the kids or the ex has them.

Sunday: This day has always been the day of rest and the day of cleaning. This is also the day of large family sit-down meals. This day I clean, cook and rest! This is the day that you start gearing your mind towards working again.

So please explain to me why Wednesday exists. It seems to be the longest day of the week, yeah I know it’s made of the same 24hrs but it really feels like it’s not needed. Everything is on repeat and I think we can do without it…

What are your thoughts about Wednesdays?

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