11 Days

11 days

In just 11 short days I should have had all things completed.

I should have a plan of action.

I should be in a new place.

In Just 11 days I will have to mentally prepare for drama while hoping for peace,

I think to myself, am I making a much bigger deal about this than I should? Probably. But I’ve been taught to prepare for the worst. Previously, I had the outlook of “people are inherently good” but have since lost sight of that.

11 It has been dated. 11/6

To Do List:

  • Get bins for his stuff
  • Pack and move his stuff from my enclosed porch to the common enclosed porch.
  • post notice to keep doors locked
  • change all passwords (before he went in but after he made me leave my home, he grabbed my computer and posted a ton of horrible things all over every social media platform I use, and changed all of my passwords and linked all of my accounts to his email thus preventing me from accessing them. It took me a while but I managed to hack back into my stuff and correct all the issues)
  • Hope that maybe he will not want to be a D***, maybe he will get out and move on to wherever….

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