Love; in 4 month intervals

I really don’t get along with this new age concept of love. Does this current group of human beings even know the meaning? Why is the word tossed around so loosely in this age? As you may have read in a previous post, I was proposed to by a guy I barely knew. I obviously turned down this outlandish proposition.

Recently, I was told of a breakup. These two had known each other for 4 months total and had professed their love for each other on numerous occasions. They couldn’t live without each other. Their worlds were now complete. Each one was so lucky to have the other in their lives, they said publicly. They introduced their kids and planned fun outings. I love you, I love you more kind of love, after 4 short months.

Under the surface, out of the public eye, they had broken up 4 times in that 4 months and now, I suppose, this is the final ending. What happened to that deep love for one and other? Where did it go? Did it just dissipate into the atmosphere? Out the door with hurricane Patricia.

I will tell you my opinion…  There was no Love.

It’s okay to like someone a whole lot. That does not equate to love. I think people need to understand the difference. I mentioned before that these two could not possibly be “in love” they don’t really know each other at all. My personal opinion is that you cannot possibly know someone enough to proclaim love in just 4 months.

My most recent relationship, I had love for him sure. I felt his story deeply and understood most of the things about him. In love? Well I’d say no. There were a lot of things about him, that I learned through the course of our relationship, that I knew right away would not be something that I could endure long-term. That in itself meant I would not be able to be “in love” with him, there were too many things I would need to be different, and that would mean that he would, in fact, be a different person and thus I would have to get to know that different person. Was he “in love” with me? Nope… I was never going to be the type of person he wanted to be in love with. I didn’t like the constant drinking and need to party, that just wasn’t my thing and therefore I appeared to be prudish to him. Why did we stay together for a year+? It’s simple really, I had enough love for him that I wanted to help him and I didn’t really have boundaries at that time. I needed to be sure that he was “okay” and not on the streets dead. He needed someone that would tolerate the nonsense until he was able to find someone else to tolerate the nonsense. With my lack of boundaries and my understanding for traumatic situations I made the perfect one (target).

I hope that people take the time to really think about the relationship that they in and slow down with the instalove because there is really no rush and you don’t want to miss your true love while you are in pretend love with another.


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