Time… How much time?

I just read the most touching post. I say touching but as we all know, it’s all about perspective. What struck me as odd, though, was “be the first to like his post”. I found it troubling to see that this blog has been in existence since 2010 yet it had a very small if any following.

What’s this blog about?

this blog is about becoming Skin Horse Real. It is for people who want to reach deep inside their being and share about some of life’s issues, to share joys and sorrows and questions in honesty without a lot of protective crap that sometimes keeps us from knowing or reaching each other at a very real human level.

Frankly, it’s the goal of this blog you are currently perusing. It makes me wonder how long it generally takes to achieve a pseudo personal connection online with others. It makes you question whether or not “personal” themed blog is on the list of must reads for the world wide web. Should conversion to political rantings become an option? Or maybe twerk videos 😉

Then I thought… No freaking way! I love the complete randomness of this blog. I know there are people in the world that are just as random and maybe, just maybe, something “serious” that I droned on about will ring a bell in the heart or mind of someone else.

Staying true to you, no matter the amount of time it takes to make it.

Good Morning, good afternoon good evening and good night wherever you are in this magnificent world


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