OMG I missed my date with you

I can’t believe I missed date night with you my loves! I assure you have I really good reason. I was completely out of my mind with all of the recent events with the courts and the stresses. I was busy dealing with children and all of their things. I didn’t even have wine yesterday!

I got it today though!! I trained all morning with my new Mueller friend who was really an awesome guy with an amazing story of his own. He was a race car driver for many years and is facing some major “not my business” issues. I wish I could share is story, but it is not mine to share.

I chased 4 cases after getting done with that, one of which was a case was heavily worded.

I don`t care about the contact – if they come out and you want to give them a contact letter feel free but I am repo`ng the boat and trailer if this doesn`t get paid immediately.

After I got done with the last one, I quickly headed to my favorite wine shop, also known as my local liquor store, grabbed a bottle of 90+ Merlot and headed home.

I am exhausted tonight and starving! Here is a short list of things to check out. I will share my likes if you share yours 🙂

How Online Dating Made Ghosting a Thing– Makes sense to me, although I must admit, I could possibly be a culprit in this case. I don’t really think I blow people off, I simply downgrade the communication and they generally make the decision. Sorry

Weekly Blog review– OM. Yes! I don’t know why I have been so drawn to this blogger, but I feel like I have cosmically attached myself to his online world. He seems super genuine and kind which is a rear find in the offline world! I dig this dude lol. Plus he does weekly blog reviews and could possibly help you gain/grow your following.

Love and Words (and literature) deep! well written. much love to this. Wine and words don’t always mix well but I enjoyed this one! Check it out.

Now it is time for me to move on to glass 2.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night. Stay true to You. I am wishing you well. XOXO Me CrazyTown


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