The Waiting Game

She shuffled into the DA’s office with tears in her eyes and tissues in her hand. I looked to the left in an effort to hear her pleas better. See I was in the waiting room, waiting… she was completely torn as far as I could hear. I want sure if it was a case involving her son or her husband but she clearly wanted them to know that she did not want him to be prosecuted, she wouldn’t testify! She wanted the case dropped and the restraining order removed. She said her dog was dying and her son had cancer. She wanted the man to be able to see the dog.

She made her way into the waiting room to wait for the advocate and prosecutor. I felt bad for this clearly elderly and possibly sickly lady.

I saw her inconsolable three more times before the prosecutor finally told her there was nothing that could be done today. She had to wait until the actual court, date next month.

I talked with the prosecutor in my case after 45 minutes of waiting. She said the defense attorney was asking for time served plus 9 months probation… I was not satisfied with that at all. She proposed 18 months released after 6 then probation and batters classes. That’s doable for me. It’s my son’s birthday today, I don’t want him causing chaos today… I didn’t wait for the case to be called. I went to work. I will return if I finish soon but until then I wait by the phone for a call from the prosecutor.


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