Letter to You series

Dear Joe,

Hello, how are you this evening? I am writing to you because I found your post moving. I cannot imagine how overwhelming it must be to do 7 years away time. I dated a guy that did ten, that didn’t turn out so well. It is unfortunate that you feel surrounded by drama, I can see how that can distract you from your goals. My (unsolicited)advice to you is simple. Don’t allow your dreams to be derailed by the self or outside sources. I enjoy that fact that you have goals post release, it gives me hope that my ex will form and undertake some when he is released again.

Either way.

Good luck with everything.


PS I just joined FanDuel the other night. I have no idea what I am doing. I just picked a bunch of guys from my home team and when I ran out of money swapped people out. I don’t know how many hours until the game actually starts because I don’t really watch football. I am interested in the possibility of blind winner or beginners luck!

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