Letter to you series #2

Dear Christian,

I read your post this evening, the one about the pain. I am so sorry that you have been going through this. Any pain above the neck is arguably the worst pain in the world. I remember once getting a sinus infection and it had me in the emergency room right away. I wish you much to be able to help you out in some way, shape, or form. I know that the universe will allow me to do just that!

I will start with a long shot, yet still, what can you lose? Have started a gofundme page? I feel like if you were to explain your situation on a platform such as that, you may get a grand response.

I am not sure where you are in the world but I have a wealth of resources in a tiny blue book that may be of assistance. I am currently getting a degree in Human Services and so I have lots of information to share, if you would like.

I hope that you are able to sleep tonight, sleep is a very important part of the healing process both mentally and physically.

Take it easy



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