I need a drink!

Tomorrow the case comes to a “conclusion”. The months long situation I have been enduring regarding my narcissist  pycho/sociopathic ex, also known as the incarcerated, will come to a close tomorrow?!?!? Yes I have questions. I got a summon in the mail yesterday stating I was being called to court, I didn’t expect it but I was okayish with going. I then got a call from the DA’s office about the case and asking IF I would be in attendance. I thought the summon meant mandatory but in any case I told her I would.  When she said “concluded” I panicked. How so? She said “well you wanted him to get help with his anger, are you not okay with probation?” I totally blacked out and reiterated that I would be there but now I have a ton of questions… Like: Where will he be released to? I would rather him not probated in MA because that means he has to stay in MA, right? I don’t want him to come around me under any circumstances at all!! I guess, I will ask my questions tomorrow.


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