What’s In a Name?

My boys and I have some really odd conversations. It’s not the topic so much as the time and age of the conversations. My oldest has been talking about how many children he would have when he is older. Ever since he was 7, he has said he was going to have a lot of children. My youngest didn’t want to have any children. Every time we play “The game of Life adventures” my oldest stick to the family cards and my youngest stays in the adventure section. Recently, however, they haven’t been talking about these things so today I brought it up. I asked the oldest how many children he wanted to have when he was older. He said 3 and my youngest chimed in with “a lot!!”

My, have the minds changed.

The funny part of this random Monday night story is: My oldest will name his first born son after himself (like he is named after his father) and his second born will bare the name of my second born and his youngest, my youngest! I think I have located the mama’s boy.

My youngest will name his first born after my first born and will name his second child Christina (what?) it will be his wife’s task to name the other children. I see who looks up to their brother.

My middle guy will have 3 children like his older brother but will name his children after the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s including a boy named Bonnie and the youngest name marionette. Well at least he doesn’t want to grow up to be a race car anymore (yes a race car, not a race car driver)


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