Recess time!

So I just found out that my eldest child was in a fight at recess at some point this week. I would like to think that we have the type of relationship that would allow us to be open and honest with each other at any time, however, I just found out about this fight today and apparently it happened a couple of days ago.

I am questioning so many things after fighting out about this incident. First off, I am so ready to leave this city. I grew up in this city but I grew up much faster than they have. I raised them in a way in which they are able to stay children during this very important time in their lives. They are most certainly not like me. I was a very shy kid at a young age but I started smoking cigarettes, drinking and fighting at a very young age. I grew up fighting, I had to! I don’t want that for them. Secondly, I raised them to be kind to others. They hold doors and say please and thank you. They get kindness awards in school all the time! But that kindness and youthfulness doesn’t change the fact that some punk kid pushed and dragged my child from a bench on the school yard.


I fully gave him permission to punch any child that puts their hands on him. I explained to him that it is not cool for anyone to mistreat him in any way shape or form and if someone puts their hands on him, he IS to defend himself.

I know my youngest will defend himself, no one really picks on the middle child and I really need my oldest to “get it” before we reach middle school.
We will be out of the city by the next school year. Summer is the goal but I’d love an early Christmas present to myself!
Photo post by @facetioussoup.

Source: Recess time!


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