It’s THURSDAY!!!! Happy Date Night!!

How glad are you that it is Thursday? I know I’m thrilled. Thursday means Wine with you and date night pleasures.

Speaking of wine. Tonight we enjoy Gascon Malbec, a Mendoza~Argentina wonderful red. I’m so glad I ran into it. It isn’t expensive ($15 bucks!) and has a kick and a punch. You can definitely taste the blueberry and dark cherry. It’s bringing me right to the place I want to be.


I had a good day today. I noticed something remarkable, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to witness the change in season first hand. Usually, I would not even pay attention , but as of lately I have been paying particular attention to living in the moment and enjoying each moment, whereas, most times my life goes by in a blur and I miss everything.

60 miles per hour

60 miles per hour #LifeInMotion


60 miles per hour #lifeInMotion

It’s funny how fast the time flies. My child will be turning 10 years old on Wednesday. 10!! that means I have been rocking out this parenting thing for 10 whole years. It’s a wonderful milestone and we will celebrate starting tomorrow. In our world, we celebrate a pre-birthday, birthday, and a post birthday. We have not done your typical birthday party. We do cake and ice cream but only with family. We do dinner out at a “restaurant” or breakfast. We shop and get cool gifts. From me, he wants a video camera and tripod. He wants to go to an arcade and wants to go shopping. From his father, he wants, a new phone and a video game. He is starting to get the multi-house thing down to a science!

What milestones are coming up for you? AND what’s in your glass?


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