Blog talk

I am debating on if I should purchase this blog title. They ask you, when you start a blog:


Just get started

Free for life

Get a free blog and be on your way to publishing your first post in less than five minutes.

Our most popular plan


Supercharge your site

$99 per year

Your own domain name, powerful customization options, and lots of space for audio and video.


Take it to the next level

$299 per year

Everything included with Premium, as well as live chat support, and unlimited access to our premium themes.

Most if not all of you have seen these options. My problem, (well, I really can’t consider it a problem but more of an indecision) is that I don’t know if it would be financially feasible for me to “upgrade”. I worry that I will not be able to fill a full-fledged blog. I manage fine enough with it for now because there is basically no pressure. No pressure to produce, no pressure to spell perfectly, no pressure to be grammatically correct.

I feel like if I have a blog that I pay $300 a year for, it would have to produce at least it’s cost. Plus…. I like the extension J

I could probably enjoy premium themes though… I think I would enjoy that immensely!!! If I can get a larger readership I will definitely upgrade. I guess it boils down to needing to feel needed.  I think that I will give it a year and see how I feel.

What do you think I should do?


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