Offspring and Ice Cream

Questioning the actions of the school today. My oldest was very upset this afternoon because he was unable to purchase ice cream at lunch. I don’t really care that he wasn’t able to have ice cream today but it made me think about how the school groups the kids. Apparently there was a group of children that were “chitchatting” at some point in school and obviously they were warned (giving the school the benefit of the doubt) to stop and failed to do so, so they removed the ice cream option from three different classes.

I told my kid, “sometimes a bad apple can ruin it for the bunch” but I am not sure that I wholeheartedly believe that. If I am to believe that there was a group of kids that wouldn’t cut the chatter and they were fairly warned of the consequences for continuing the talk, I would have to say that maybe that group of kids should have to have suffered the consequences for their actions and not the other 40+ kids.

I feel like that type of mass grouping could lead to unrest with the children that were not misbehaving. Imagine being at your place of employment and you have two co-workers that would not stop the water cooler talk. These two were totally loud and obnoxious and disruptive so our boss comes out and fires the entire floor. Does that sound appropriate?


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