Meditative Madness

It is my second favorite time of the day. The first being, hanging out with, having conversations with, bonding with, the boys. It is now my time, my me time, time for a glass of wine and relaxation. The glass is less than half full so it will be time to hunker down in this rather large bed that is littered with objects that mask it’s size. I mask the size to avoid the want to sleep on the much small couch (what is the opposite of claustrophobia?).

It is almost time to turn on the sounds of nature or some chakra clearing tunes and walk through my own mind. Down the flight consisting of ten simple steps that bring me deeper and deeper into relaxation. It’s time to release the stresses and worries of the day to universe and invite the cleansing energy to flow through my body for the rest of the evening.


My previous plan was to begin to compose a short story or sorts as I attempt to explain the mind of my certifiably psychopathic ex-boyfriend. I lived with this one for a year and have learned so much about personality disorders that I feel like it has become a detriment to my current psychology course. It has become this way because, normally after a lecture from a professor, you would go over your notes, read and reread the text, study, cram, and prepare. I, however, take little to no notes in class, instead I smile grimly because I “know what you mean, I’ve been there”. I haven’t even opened the text and as I previously stated in Thursday’s Date Night I got a 102 on my first exam. Stay tuned for that. I am sure I will be able to give you some incites and/or signs of caution.

By the way, he is still currently in the HOC and the next hearing is the 21st. I have (finally) informed my neighbors of the situation and that I will most likely be locking all entryways at night if and when he is released.

Time to clear my mind. I wish you the same in the way of relaxation.

Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night My Loves


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