A Curious Craving for Travel Anxiety

I was overwhelmed with anxiety as I read this post. It brought back memories of fear and uncertainty for me for sure. I remembered my most recent trip to California. I had zero anxiety going through the checkpoints at the airports but as soon as I got on the plane I felt as if my heart would surely leap from my chest an land violently on the floor of the cabin. I had many small panic attacks while the plane started to move and some very major ones when the plane actually took off. In flight I felt as if there was no oxygen left for me and all I was inhaling was a manufactured substitute filled with germs. I felt as though I would have a heart attack for the entire 2hr flight and dreaded the remaining 6hr connecting flight. After safely reaching my destination (yes, after the violent touchdown) I felt like I had no clue where to go or who to ask for help from.

My anxiety didn’t subside until I had reached my hotel room and could catch my breath. That was when I started to feel as though I was okay.

I really admire someone who is able to travel without feeling like they are walking to deaths door and asking for a fistfight. I think I need a travel companion like that, someone to keep me grounded while I try my best not to have the martial escort me from the plane because of insanity suspicions.

I am clearly down on one knee, asking   … please teach me your travel skills.

Source: A Curious Craving for Travel Anxiety


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