Freaky Friday…. Wait, it’s Saturday!!!

What a day of weird.

I took my mother to Foxwoods Resort and Casino today for her birthday. Well at least that was the plan. Turns out she paid for herself 😐 kind of. My sister, and old family friend, my mother, and I went to Foxwoods bingo. It was really rather fun and I won $300! I split it between the four of us, so we all pretty much went for free. We chatted through the whole event from beginning to end. Laughed a lot and reminisced. The family friend asked if someone would take a picture of her so that she could keep the memory and show the world that she actually does get out. I agreed to take the photo and we chose a spot beneath the waterfall.

She positioned herself and I looked through the tablet viewer and snapped a ton of pictures. The weird part is, on the second photo(which was just me pressing the photo button 3 times) it was apparent upon review that there was a figure poking their face through the damn waterfall. I guess she got photobombed by a ghost!!


I don’t know what the hell this tiny person is doing in this photo! There were no people around when I was looking through the view from the tablet!We took some photos of the water fall and some of my sister standing behind so that we could debunk the presence of a ghost. The figure does not appear in any of the other consecutive photos and it’s pretty freaky!!! Plus there are no legs to this person!! Please people weigh in!. Tell me what you think of this photo…. Happy Saturday My Loves!!! I’m off to wine town


3 thoughts on “Freaky Friday…. Wait, it’s Saturday!!!

  1. It looks like a good example of ghost photography but without being there or seeing the actual photograph I can’t say for sure. If I were you I would do some digging and see if you can find any news stories of anyone being killed or dying in that area. The picture looks like a child from what I can see so you could start there, look for any recorded child deaths in that area or near it.


    • That’s my next move, research! To me it looks likes a young girl, maybe from the 50’s 60’s.. from what I can make of the top s/he is wearing.Having taken this picture myself, I get the chills every time I look at it. s/he looks sad too!


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