Happy Friday!

Hoy es Viernes, el nueve de Octubre

Yes, it is Friday! Generally that doesn’t mean anything to me but today it does. It means that I am having a glass of wine and not feeling guilty about it 🙂

Tonight on the menu is J.Lohr Paso Robles Merlot 2012. I have had a half of a glass and I am already feeling like the day is melting away. I ran and ran today. Got my congratulations letter from Company B, this means I have completed the training and am officially a rock star replacement cost guru! haha I need this wine.

El clase de espanol was totally a waste of precious run time. Blah blah blah homework due, exam coming soon. I wish I never elected to do that class. I have been slacking on the intro to aging and the other one, lol I can’t remember the name at this point.

Either way It is more important to use this time to relax and meditate this evening.

Tomorrow I bring my mother to Foxwoods Bingo for her birthday

Good Night, Buenos Noches Mis Amigos

Until tomorrow, when I will officially be a millionaire


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