Happy Date Night My Loves!!!

We have survived yet another week, another bottle of wine to celebrate the eve of the weekend, We made it through and I am sure there were some patchy times involved. As promised from Yesterday’s post today was nothing is not extremely interactive. Some major roadblocks and some minor ones too. Some things went as planned but mostly not! I wish I could have live-streamed the day for you.

From power outages to burns and blisters, lift your glass with me and celebrate survival.

The morning was action packed. I did complete the first two loss mitigation runs I had planned to the day before. I hopped on the web meeting four minutes late and faced passive aggression to the max. I heard during that call, I could not do things in my own order and took full advantage of pushing the other two web meetings off until next week. Instead I ran the two field contacts that I was going to do late afternoon. I thought this would free up my day, I just gained two hours of my life back…. Alas, that was just wishful thinking. I get home with 15 minutes to spare before the PhoenixMobile training and the first thing I noticed was that the fish tank was off, then I noticed the ceiling fans were not twirling, then the internet lights! sheer panic set in. No internet, no MANDATORY webmeeting, no contract with company! I scrambled to turn on my mobile hotspot and check the battery of the pc… Full. I participated in the meeting while checking to make sure I actually paid my damned electric bill this month. Account says active! so what the hell. After I got off the meeting I called in the outage and got a message that the company is aware of the outage and are working to fix it. Wonderful. I don’t think this is the cause, but I drove by this work multiple times.

IMG_20151008_172939_hdrAfter the day started to move along again, I skipped two other field contact and picked the kids up We grabbed pizza and headed to Grammy’s, no power and I had to work. I managed to do one other call this evening because I was just too exhausted to drive more and I grabbed the kiddos and headed home for the night around 7.

I found out that I got 102 on my Psychology exam. I was so excited I showed my youngest and he says “I knew you would do well mom, you’re a very smart woman.” I almost cried and told him he is awesome!

We thought it’d be best to unwind by making fake scabs and scars. The oldest made all the fake blood, the youngest and I made all the other objects, and my middle man was our test subject.

Don’t mind the huge scar across his belly, he had emergency surgery when he was about a month old after his intestine ruptured.

IMG_20151008_202756  IMG_20151008_201528IMG_20151008_201500


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