A day In the Life of CrazyTown

My tomorrow just got a heck of a lot busier than I even imagined.

I thought that adding another company to my workload would be simple, I have worked with multiple companies at the same time often but I think I blocked out the experience. So welcome to a day in the life. Here is a list of what I have going on tomorrow. This list does not factor in any unforeseen roadblocks or hazards. Here we go:

7:30am drop the kids off at school, from that time until 8:45am I have two sites to visit for company A. I have to be home clocked in and logged on and on the phone with company B for a web meeting from 9-10:30 followed by another web meeting with Company B from 10:30-11(thankfully with the same host so if I’m late, it’s because of him). I have a third web meeting from 11:30-12 followed by another from 12-1. That last will be tricky because they are hosted by different people and they hate when you’re late! After all of those meetings I will visit 2 more sites for company A before picking up the children from school by 2:50. I will run them straight to my mother’s house because I got a rush 24hr site inspection for company A tonight. I will do that rush plus 3 more before getting the kids home. I should be done working and ready for date night by 7pm barring any explosions or tragic accidents. Sounds like a long day with a lot of stuff. I should be fineeee (my best Varner impression)

The rush one sounds kind of exciting! I get to pretend I don’t know what’s going on, I get to really pretend my PI skills are tops


One thought on “A day In the Life of CrazyTown

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